Welcome to my home.  This is where I hang out and swim through the vinegar and fine wine flowing my way, your way, through media, our history, our shared and diverse experience, and the power of imagination.  I write it out, and I write a lot about one of the major driving forces in my life–writing.  I’m here to let loose and never let loose the same way twice.  I like thinking because everybody needs a hobby.  I love it when my thinking is challenged with class and grace.  I never know who I am or what I believe in my soul until I put it out there and have it mirrored back at me–good, bad, or indifferent.  The only thing I know for sure is that there is massive change happening under our feet and creatives (formerly known as artists) are the ones to lead the way.  We need bold, clean thought right now, and it’s my opinion that the shortest route to bold, clean thought is testing old rules (some will prove to be timeless), having the courage to play the fool, and listening to each other with greater intensity than when we speak.  I’m here to write my way towards our shared future, the one we create in the arts, business, thought, and humanity.  I’m here to shed some skin.

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