Must be something in the water these days. I’ve got a lot of old skin to shed as I face myself in the mirror. That’s the thought I’ve had for weeks now, and here it’s said from an established voice I thought was forever constant.

Courage 2 Create

“[M]uch of our pain in living comes from wearing a dead and useless skin, refusing to put it to rest, or from burying such things with the intent of hiding them rather than relinquishing them.”

– Mark Nepo

I took a trip to the beach with some friends recently.

Later that day, when I returned home, looked into the bathroom mirror and saw, to my dismay, that my whole back was fury red, and it was stinging.

After a few days, I also noticed that my whole back started peeling (which, for some reason, I found both gross and fascinating.) Among the lava-red skin, glowing like a giant rash, there were these Swiss-cheese-like holes.

As the days went by, I would tear off some of this dead skin, and every day, a shiny new coat of skin revealed itself to me. The shedding skin started to create a visible line…

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