Change Up

photo credit: rAmmoRRison via photo pin cc

Time for some changes to this blog.  I’ve been messing around here trying to figure out what I’m doing, find my voice and my purpose, and wondering how I should organize things

Think I’ve got it nailed.  Well, at least I’ve got the nail in place and the hammer posed to strike.  These are the pieces I’ll be putting together:

  • How To Build An Author Platform Without Going Broke
  • Re-learning The Tools Of The Trade And Experimenting With Their Use
  • Reviewing And Promoting The Work Of Other, Both Budding Indies And The Masters Still In Trad Publishing
  • Noodling Around Ideas And Seeing How They Play Out When Written (often what’s in the mind is junk when organized through writing)
  • Share Secrets Of My Craft, But Only If I Find A New Slant Or Uncover A Forgotten Gem
  • Tell Stories
  • Make Friends And Learn From Others
  • Play Around With Language To Develop A Multitude Of Voices, And Discover What Works Best With What
  • Dump My Woes And Share My Triumphs With My WIPS
  • Be A Dumping Ground For The Woes And Triumphs Of Others As They Carry On With Their WIPS

And there it is.  A bit overwhelming when seen as goals, but fairly pleasing when I consider this blog my home.  The home of a writer.

I think there’s a huge difference between being a writer and having writing as something one does.  The two interconnect at many points, but if language and stories and words and books are the stuff of your bones, your inner architecture, you’re never off the job. You can quit, take a break, walk away in disgust, or even go back to school and become a brain surgeon, but who you are will keep tracking you down with stealth and wait for for your armor to crack, then slip in and take over.

It’s a kick-ass state of being but not without its difficulties.

With that said, I’m kicking off this change with a book that made me fall out of bed in the middle of the night, stand in my backyard, look up at the midnight black sky and cry until I couldn’t catch my breath.  I hope you can connect with this author’s few words.

Happy reading,

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