Hurray! This Blog Has Been Saved!

I was just about to give up on this puppy.  It’s seemed I was giving advice and trying to do what I thought bloggers should do, and that just knocked my heart right out of the game.  I may learn a few lessons for myself along the way, but in no way am I, or do I want to be, an authority on the craft of creativity or blogging.  The way I see it, I wake up every single day a brand new beginner in the fine art of living, and that means there’s a lot of exploring to do, more mistakes to make, more trying and trashing of garbage written and bad living erased.  I’ve yet to come across anything about creativity that didn’t have some bit of wisdom that could help me, nor have I come across anything that makes me an authority.

I’m just struggling like everybody else.  So why should I blog?  What have I got to offer?

Thank heavens for the blog and this post.  My blog is sucking for the reasons mentioned, and a whole bunch of others he left unsaid.  So things are going to change.

I’ll just be telling stories here from now on, because that’s what I like to do.  I love fibbing and making up stuff almost as much as I like crafting the day’s experience into something as interesting to others as it’s been for me while I lived it.  I also like to plain old make stuff, bake stuff, paint stuff, and sew and watch TV and play with my dogs.

So that’s what I’ll be talking about.  In fact, I’m erasing the word “blog” from my thinking–it gets me scared and puts my writing fingers in knots.  This will now be a journal of the stories I tell myself, stories others have told me with their books and creations, and my dumping ground for all those thoughts that jump ponies on the carousel of my mind when I’m trying to get to sleep at night.

And in the process, I’ll change the world.  That statement, taken from the blog post cited, has me scratchin’, but maybe I’ll figure it out as I write my way through these pages.

So there it is, the screeching sound of this camping ground of stories and experiences changing direction.  And with that said, I’m shuffling off to a class on writing in the active voice.  It’s another day, and another skill to sharpen.

Here’s hoping I make a big enough fool of myself in that class to learn something.

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