The Selection: Tonight on the most shocking dystopian novel yet

Hardcovers and Heroines

I liked The Selection, by Kiera Cass. In fact, I reread the second half immediately after finishing. It is light, fluffy and very girly, but I like all of those things.  There is also a little dystopian flavor thrown in. The main character, unfortunately named America Singer, is not an unreliable or annoying narrator.  Plus there are princesses! It doesn’t surprise me that the book is an instant hit and already set up as a television show on the CW for the fall.

In a world where society is broken into numbers, defining the characters’ profession, education level, financial and social status, there is one way that a girl can raiser her fortune and help support her family. It’s called the selection. A girl is chosen from every district to compete for the prince’s hand in marriage.  The girls all live in the same castle, are eliminated in…

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